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Are you a gentleman in Montreal looking to have the most exciting night of your life? If so, there are tons of different options among the city to spend a unique and incredible moment. Whether you are looking for a particularly fun night out in town in one of Montreal’s famous open- minded club or to enjoy a first class escort service in the city, you will find exactly what will satisfy your needs best between all the available possibilities.

Wander around Montreal’s city center and discover a limitless world, where almost everything seems possible. From Libertine Clubs to Erotic massage parlours, without forgetting the incomparable strip clubs located across its vibrant downtown, Montreal’s nightlife does not leave anyone indifferent. With the increasing number of these locations opening around Quebec province’s largest city, it can be really useful to know the best-rated places and the mediocre ones before setting foot into one of them.

Secrets Montreal

For those in search of the most attractive escorts in all of Montreal, Secrets Montreal visit escort website is definitely the greatest available option. Not only their reputation places them as a leader in the industry but they are also one of the fastest growing agencies because of the impressive number of new customers becoming loyal to their services. The reason behind that? The undeniable beauty of the charismatic ladies working with them is an absolute factor of their increasing popularity but the unmatched professionalism of both the agency and the women part of it is definitely a major cause of this phenomenon.

High Standards

Every female hired by this very popular organisation is an absolute courtesan and they are all among the most qualified women in the industry. Do not worry about being shy or stressed, they will know how to make you comfortable really quickly and will seduce you much faster than you would have ever thought. Feel like the center of the universe in the company of one of these goddesses of the carnal pleasure.

This agency’s number one priority is the satisfaction of each of its customers. Trusting Secrets Montreal Escort Agency is making sure that you will receive a high quality service at every single call. This professional business provides a fast and effective service, guaranteeing you to meet the escort you actually requested, at the exact time already established with you.

One of the many benefits of calling a Secrets Montreal’s escort is that since they are only hiring skilled women, you can rest assured to obtain a discreet and professional service, from a polite and comprehensive escort. This way, be sure not to arouse anyone’s suspicions in your surroundings.


You are in a couple and you are both tired of the boring and redundant daily routine? You always wanted to try something new but have never been able to do it? If you are looking to experiment a totally new experience filled with fantasies, in order to live sensations you never felt before and discover a side of you that you did not know, the Secrets Montreal’s couple option will fulfill all of your desires.

Depending of what you are looking for, you will then be able to have a three-way (or even a foursome) with one or multiple girls of your choice. Experience of a lifetime; take your sex life to another level with this very popular service offered by Secrets Montreal.

Always hiring new talents

Constantly looking for new talents, Secrets Montreal Escort Agency is currently hiring! You are charismatic, energetic and have a great sex appeal? You enjoy meeting new people every day and are known as an open-minded woman? You always wanted to be a part of one of the Montreal escort agencies? You may be our next Secrets girl! Contact us to obtain more information and maybe be a part of the agency with the greatest reputation of all the Island of Montreal.

Where to go and what to do in Montreal

Incredible party city, Montreal is definitely one of the best places on the planet to experience an amazing and incomparable night. Having the highest concentration of bars and clubs per capita of the country, this fantastic liberal town is definitely the most popular among all major Canadian cities to experiment an outstanding nightlife that will leave you speechless. For those that are not quite sure where to go in Montreal in order to visit the best places around the downtown, here are some ideas to get you started.

Strip Clubs

One of the main reasons why the Montreal nightlife is so famous around the world is the outstanding number of strip clubs located all over the city. Encouraging tons of tourists to discover the best strip clubs in Canada, the choice of locations is endless. Montreal is known for its great number of these popular establishments but also for the unique quality of its gentlemen clubs. Go venture on Ste-Catherine Street and you will be able to literally walk from a strip club to another, having tons of these captivating bars located all along the street.

With highly popular gentlemen clubs such as Chez Parée, Cabaret Kingdom and Café Cléopatra, low-end strip clubs are not an option in Montreal. Explore a well-known extravagant world in one of the numerous places around this surprising city’s downtown.

Libertine Clubs

For all of those looking for a more adventurous experience, the Libertine Clubs are definitely a must! Ideal place to experiment an incredibly erotic moment in an atmosphere where sexuality and exhibitionism are ubiquitous, these places are especially created for people to live sensations they are not able to find in a regular hook-up.

The “Entre Nous 2” Club is one of the most popular one in Montreal, hosting different special events every week and having soirees every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Perfect to anyone looking for an evening totally different to what they are used to live, this club with a unique concept attracts people of all kinds and of all ages, just looking to have a really good time. With a piscine, a spa, a sauna, private rooms and voyeurism rooms, there is something for all tastes!

Erotic massage parlours

A less-known option, part of an underground world gaining popularity over the years, the erotic massage parlours are another option to live a torrid experience in Montreal, without resorting to more traditional options. It is important to know that there is absolutely no legal “brothels” in Montreal, while still being tolerated by the local police. Across the city, a lot of these massage parlours are currently in function but almost none of them will advertise sexual practices as being offered by the shop.

On the other hand, it is well known around Montreal that these kinds of places all offer substantially the same type of services, i.e. massages with happy endings as well as full services for the vast majority. Also called “body rubs shops”, these interesting parlours are quite easy to find, even with the vast gray area surrounding the legislation of these companies.

The most popular establishments in Montreal are the Massage parlour Adagio, Massage Montreal Nuru and the Massage La Montréalaise. While rather similar, the prices and services could vary from a place to another, it is then recommended to look at their websites or to give them a call before booking an appointment.

Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada

Every year, one of the most popular events taking place in Montreal brings incredible masses of crowds across the city center, creating a completely crazy and electrifying atmosphere, like nowhere else in the world. Only Grand Prix in all of Canada, Montreal is in the spotlight for a couple of days during this incredibly famous championship, having all the eyes of the planet focused on this major event.

Reaching an incredible number of tourists for the duration of the weekend, every clubs and bars of the city find themselves totally filled up due to the special events organized in these places on this particular occasion. Attracting people from literally all over the world, this international championship brings exotic women coming from all continents. Perfect moment to meet these beautiful foreign ladies, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada is definitely a must in order to make the most beautiful encounters of your life.

Obviously, it is also an excellent occasion to spice up these few days in company of a beautiful escort. Very popular thing during this three day party, the choices of extremely attractive ladies ready to please you for the weekend is astounding. Whether you are looking to simply enhance your evenings in order to celebrate the event in the best possible way or to increase your leverage in the eyes of all, you definitely do not want to miss this opportunity of living like the CEO of a multinational company.

Escort drivers

Very important in order to provide a coordinated and efficient service, there is a multitude of drivers willing to bring the escorts to their customers in time, as well as pick them up when they have finished. Always ready to excel in order to to provide an excellent customer service in case of a problem, the escort drivers are primary to execute everything within the expected time.

Driving these sexy escorts around is undeniably a multitasking work. This fast-paced work requires excellent direction around Montreal’s neighbourhoods and unparalleled driving skills to circumvent the traffic and to respect the deadlines. They also have to be very understanding, as they have to continually deal with the problems of the unsatisfied ladies.

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